Turned 16?

This week is ‘Welcome to your vote’ week, giving 14-16 year olds the chance to learn more about how democracy works.

This year, on May 5, anyone aged 16 and over is able to vote in the local elections and for many young people it will be the first time they are able to vote, and ‘Welcome to your vote’ week is a chance to get all the information you need about what how you can vote and what you are voting for.

The Electoral Commission webpage for young people has loads of information showing young people that politics and democracy impacts everything around them. From how long they stay in education to the rules of renting, from 5G availability to how often bins are collected.

Right now, more people can vote in Wales than ever before. 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote in this year’s local elections. It doesn’t matter where they were born or what their nationality is, as long as they are a resident of Wales.

If you’ll be 16 by May 5 2022, or have a child who will, take a look at the Electoral Commission site.

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