Around three quarters of the world’s population speak two or more languages.

Speaking more than one language opens up a wide range of social activities and expands horizons.

Help with the cost of living – claim what’s yours, reduce your bills, look after your health.

When applying for your child’s school place it is well worth considering the benefits a Welsh medium education can offer.

Wrexham County Borough Council is committed to providing good quality education and equality of access in the national language of choice.

We work closely with a range of partners and stakeholders to further raise standards in literacy and numeracy, and to tackle the impact of poverty on education achievement.

We have produced a booklet offering further information on the advantages of a bilingual education.

The booklet offers a guide to the benefits of bilingualism, dispels certain myths, offers case studies and also signposts to further Welsh language resources and organisations.

We have also produced a case study video that showcases the benefits of a Welsh education.

Lead Member for Education Cllr Phil Wynn, said: “An important step in a child’s educational journey comes when applying for their school place. “This year the closing date for applications lands on November 18th. “Reading through the booklet produced will give you a more informed decision when choosing either a bi-lingual, or English education for your child.”

Lead Member for Environment, Culture and Welsh Language Champion Cllr Hugh Jones said: “With the Welsh football team qualifying for the World Cup, the Welcome to Wrexham documentary, and other Welsh success stories shining a light on Wales as a nation, and the Welsh language-there is a growing popularity for learning Welsh. “A Welsh language education is a skill that could give your child a competitive advantage for life.”

When it comes to the cost of living, making sure you claim all the help and support you’re entitled to could make a huge difference.