Just like other big organisations, councils have to protect themselves against fraud.
We have to put the right financial checks in place to stop bad things from happening – making sure tax-payers’ money (your money) is properly managed and accounted for.

There’s not much evidence that fraud is a major problem to Wrexham Council, but in an increasingly complex world – where councils deliver services in lots of ways, and growing threats like cyber crime make the headlines – it’s really important to manage the risks of fraud.


That’s why we have adopted a new strategy, which commits us to a ‘Tough on Fraud’ approach.

“What does that mean?”

We’re making a simple promise. Whenever fraud or corruption against the council is identified – whether it involves a member of staff, a customer or anyone else – we’ll always take legal or disciplinary action (or both).

And we’ll always try to recover any money that’s been taken, and put things right.

This applies to all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption. No exceptions.

“Every pound lost…”

Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, says: “Every pound lost to fraud is one that could be spent on services. “But as well as financial loss, fraud and corruption have wider consequences. They cause disruption, damage morale and undermine confidence in public services.

“That’s why we hope everyone will support us in our commitment. If you know about or suspect fraud against your council, please report it.”

“Help us keep taxpayers’ money safe”

If you know about or suspect benefit fraud, report it here or phone 0800 854 440.

To report other types of fraud and corruption, email us at stampoutfraud@wrexham.gov.uk or phone 01978 292728.

To see our Counter Fraud Strategy and find out more about how to report fraud, visit our website

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