No – that picture isn’t a mistake.

That is a Christmas decoration on here in August – and that’s because one of Europe Direct’s biggest annual projects is the Christmas decoration exchange.

More about that in a moment…

In the meantime, what is Europe Direct and what do they do?

Since 2006, Europe Direct – based in Wrexham Library – has been one of 450 EU information centres across Europe. They are politically neutral and they are there to provide information on the EU; they do not speak on behalf of the EU.


What do they do?

So, what do they do and how can they help you:

  • They can answer questions about your rights – whether that is because you are travelling with someone who is not an EU citizen or if you are an EU citizen living in the UK – or vice versa – you may wondering how Brexit will affect you.
  • They can tell you what the EU is, how it works and how it came to be.
  • Schools benefit from workshops about language, Europe, democracy and more as well as receiving free publications on EU countries, climate change, how the EU works, maps and more.
  • They have information on the opportunities available to go abroad with Erasmus+ where you can study, work, train or volunteer in another country.
  • Businesses looking to work within the European market and young people looking for work in other countries can benefit from Europe Direct’s links with specialist networks such as Enterprise Europe Network and Eurodesk.
  • They are a local link to European institutions. If you have a question and they don’t have the answer to hand, they are able to go to the relevant institution to get an answer for you.
  • And now, back to Christmas! Each year, Europe Direct organises a Christmas tree decoration exchange. This gives groups of 30 children the chance to make a Christmas decoration and information booklet that describes Christmas in their country. Last year it gave 20,000 children across Europe the chance to learn about geography, culture, language and more.

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