We’ve got more tips for playing during the current lockdown courtesy of our Youth and Play team.

Taking time to play together can make you all feel less stressed and provide an opportunity for laughter.


But if they need ideas there’s plenty below:

Use outside for messy play experiences, it’s Wales there’s a good chance Mother Nature will help time wash it away.

You don’t have to entertain your children every second of the day, if they are happy and safe, leave them to direct their own play.

Use this time to sort out the bedrooms; outgrown toys often become played with again once you go to throw them out.

Let children guide their play times, you are there to help with resources and throw in ideas to enhance their experiences.

Use recycling materials for play: things such as boxes, bottles, old sheets and curtains, whatever you can find that is safe for your children to play with, often make the best play resources.

Remember that tantrums and mood swings are common and that these times are tough on every family member. However we don’t often get to spend lots of time with our children, try to enjoy it.

The team’s play object this week is “how can I play with a Cardboard Tube?”

The list is endless with this one and our first thoughts are a microphone, a telescope, binoculars, a tower, a cannon, a tunnel, a trumpet, a shaker… how many more can you and your children come up with?

You could also try Junk Modelling with smaller household items

Collect 5 natural things around the garden.

Dressing up with each others clothes and putting on a fashion show.

Why not try an old favourite “Eye Spy” – always good when you need a bit of a rest.

Make music with junk materials.

Make sock puppets and put on an outdoor performance.

Play Simon Says then set up an obstacle course.

Use pots and pans to make drums or have a teddy bear’s picnic in your garden.

When you go on your daily exercise why not try a Pirate themed walk?

Before you set sail you can make your own pirate outfit – don’t forget the eye patch. Make a telescope and see if you can spot other pirates and create your own family pirate flag.

During your voyage see if you can find a plank to walk, sing a sea shanty, find a stick to swing like a sword, look for some treasure – leaves, petals, pine cones, rocks grass and daisies. Then find a great hiding spot for your treasure and go back in a couple of days to see if anyone has found it. You could also hop like you’ve got a wooden leg and say to everyone you see “Arr me hearty!”

And when you get home don’t forget to make a treasure map so you know how to get back to your treasure!

Whilst you’re out don’t forget to adhere to the 2 metre social distancing guideline to keep you and your family safe.

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