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Many of you will have visited our recycling centres in Wrexham before, but even if you haven’t, you probably have a general idea as to what they’re about.

You’ll no doubt know that you can bring things like paper, glass, wood, garden waste and electrical items here to get recycled – the usual stuff – but there’s actually much more than this.


Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said, “We have three recycling centres in Wrexham and people can bring a large number of things to be recycled at our sites. Not everyone is aware of the wide variety of materials that we can recycle, so we’re aiming to show people what some of these lesser known things are.”

What are they?

For instance, did you know that cooking oil can be recycled in all our recycling centres? Yep, we’ve got a special container for this…just speak to one of our attendants and they open it up for you.

cooking, oil, container, recycling, centre

The same goes with engine oil, which also has its own special container.

There’s plenty more of these things that you mightn’t know you can recycle at our sites too. We’re going to run through them to give you the full picture 🙂


We accept all types of batteries at our sites…all the way from AA’s to car batteries! If you do bring car batteries to us, just give one of our attendants a heads up, and they’ll take it off your hands.

Hard/rigid plastic

Ok, you probably already know that we have a bay for hard/rigid plastic, but do you know all the plastics this covers?

Because along with the stuff you’ll know about, we take correx sheets, PVC gutters and pipes, crates, wheelie bins, HDPE pipe, Tupperware, CD/DVD cases, buckets, garden furniture and toys.

In terms of the garden furniture and toys, if they are in decent condition, please give one of our attendants a shout as the Nightingale House reuse shop may be able to sell them on 🙂

Light bulbs

Another one that you might already know about, but this covers all types of bulbs like strip lights and fluorescent tubes that you mightn’t realise you can bring here!


You can bring all types of paint and it doesn’t matter whether the tins are empty or not. If you’re unsure where to put them, simply ask one of our attendants.

Hazardous waste containers

Please bring any hazardous waste containers here, such as gas cylinders, but let our attendants know so they can help you out.

Don’t ever consider putting any of these in general waste as it could cause a fire hazard when we dispose of it.


You can recycle all types of textile material, as long as it’s dry and clean. This includes handbags, belts, shoes, all clothing, sheets, towels, blankets, curtains, duvets, pillows and quilts.

The reuse shop

We touched on this earlier, but if you’re recycling any items that could have resale value, please let our attendants know as they will pass them over to Nightingale House’s reuse shop at Bryn Lane.

You can donate to the reuse shop at any of our three recycling centres, so if you bring any bikes, furniture, toys etc, please give this a thought.

Well, did you learn anything? Or were you already a pro at this recycling malarkey? Either way, thanks for taking the time to think about recycling 🙂

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