Executive Board

May’s Executive Board takes place on Tuesday and the agenda has been released for us all to take a quick look at.

The agenda is pretty packed with 10 items of business as well as the usual apologies, declarations of personal interests and minutes of the last meeting.


“Invest in our council houses”

Top of the list this month is the Council Plan 2018-2022, probably the most important plan we have to work to. It sets out what we’ll be doing in the future and how we’ll be keeping an eye on it. It shows how we’ll continue to invest in our council houses to bring them up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard and improve the homes of our tenants. It also looks at continuing the year on year improvements that have been made to make sure young people go on to education, employment or training when they leave school. Improving the town centre is also high on the list and increasing the range of services that we provide online.

How we’re managing our money is on the agenda as well –  and with over £112 million spent during the last financial year it’s important we make sure our money management is all in order.

“Tourism plans”

The meeting will also hear how our Destination Management Plan – the plan that shows our tourism plans – plans to bring in visitors to the county borough to all our attractions and areas of interest.

One of our priorities as a local authority is to help tackle poverty and there’s a report that will look at how we’ll continue to do this.

The meeting will be webcast and you can watch and listen here from 10am on the May 8.

You can take a quick look at the whole agenda here.

Tell us how we should meet the housing challenges of the next five years.