‘I didn’t know that was there!’

‘Where is that?’

‘That is a lovely picture, but I have never heard of it!’

When we asked you to send photographs from around the County Borough to put together the Wonders of Wrexham Calendar, we told you we wanted to see Wrexham’s hidden gems – and you didn’t disappoint.Snapchat

But we have heard rumblings that there are some gems that have been really well hidden and some residents don’t know they were there! So, why not grab your calendar and start exploring?

If you haven’t seen the calendar yet, make sure you grab a copy from the Tourist Information Centre, library or museum and you will find 12 truly fantastic, local images. They cost £3 each or two for £5.

Whether you want to start off with Acton Park, Bersham Woods waterfall or the Anna Maria Peel Memorial Chapel in Overton, there are some beautiful places to visit and you may just find a gem that you didn’t even know was there.

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