Would you know if someone was being exploited? Read on to know the signs

Young people being exploited is very much in the news at the moment and there’s good reason why.

Exploitation can take many forms, criminal, sexual, trafficking and modern slavery and it’s not always possible to know when someone is at risk of being exploited.

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There are some common signs in young people though that may point to exploitation.

Here’s some signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • There may be a change in appearance.
  • They may not have as much contact to do with their family or friends as they used to have.
  • They may now have a new set of friends and have become secretive.
  • They may self-harm or their may be big changes in their emotional state for example they may have been quite an open person before but are now very withdrawn you know and don’t talk about their feelings like they used to.
  • They may begin to use drugs or alcohol, or be seen carrying drugs or alcohol.
  • They could be spending a lot of time online and not telling you who they are talking to.
  • They not be going to school and playing truant, or going missing from the family home or you simply don’t know where they are or where they’ve been.

Does this sound like someone you know? Don’t worry – there is help available and Wrexham Children’s Services will provide that help.They’re available on 01978 292039 to talk to about your concerns.

Please don’t hesitate to give them a call as you could be preventing further exploitation taking place.

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