Wrexham Gateway
Artists impression

On Tuesday February 8, 2022, Executive Board will receive a report on progress about the exciting plans for the Wrexham Gateway.

The multi million pound Wrexham Gateway project will see the regeneration of the Mold Road corridor creating better connected bus and rail transport, a route into the town centre that gives a great first impression to visitors and an improved events football ground and regional and national venue at the Racecourse stadium.

Partners include ourselves, Welsh Government, Glyndwr University, the Football Association for Wales, Transport for Wales and Wrexham AFC.

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Because of the many complexities of the partnership and individual commercial sensitivities and interests that the Council is not involved with the report is confidential. But we’re keen to share with the public an update on the progress of the Project.

The Masterplan identifies a total of investment of around £80-£90 million with estimated public sector subsidies of between £40 and £45 million.

Funding of £25 million has been secured from Welsh Government for the eastern side of the site to redevelop the site around the Wrexham General station, including commercial development and upgrades to the civic and amenity spaces.

It is now hoped that a second bid to the UK Governments Levelling Up Fund later this year will secure funding for the western side – the Racecourse Ground – to ensure it not only meets the requirements of the football club in the future but also to ensure it is of a standard to host international matches. The funding will also include proposals to develop the areas around the ground for an improved event experience.

All partners are committed to the next steps and ensuring the second round bid demonstrates the unique cultural regeneration of the oldest international football ground in the world and the deliverability of the project.

To this end the Council and partners are committing to funding early expenditure on key elements of work that enable the bid to be delivered. More information will shared on these as they are developed and approved.

Cllr Mark Pritchard Leader of the Council and on behalf of Wrexham Gateway Partners stated, “The decisions at Executive Board will allow progress of work on the western side of the Wrexham Gateway which will improved deliverability of the project for funding bids.

“It is great to see the commitment from all partners in particular Wrexham AFC to the next steps and FAW commitment to the future of international competitive football.”

Steve Williams, President of the FAW stated, “FAW is excited to be now formally involved in the project and will work with partners to ensure facilities are improved to a standard that means we can on a regular basis bring men’s, women’s and youth international football to the Racecourse Ground.”

Humphrey Ker, Executive Director on behalf of Wrexham AFC stated, “The Club’s mission statement is clear in that we want to improve the Racecourse Ground to a standard where we can regularly host International Matches/Events for the benefit of both Wrexham AFC and the sport loving public of North Wales.

“This partnership has the opportunity to turn this ambition into reality and we are committed to playing a full part in achieving this.”

MP Sarah Atherton said, “I am delighted with the progress that is being made on the Wrexham Gateway project, which is so critical to Wrexham and will be welcomed by many across the town.

“The UK Government is committed to making sure that communities around the country have the opportunity to change and grow and I will be banging the drum in Westminster for our town to make sure this project gets the funding it deserves.”

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