Wrexham resident and professional carver Simon O’Rourke made history last week, becoming the first person ever to carve ice in the town during an event hit at Wrexham Museum.

The talented artist carved a beautiful sculpture of penguins in front of a mesmerised audience during one of the biggest nights of the year for the museum.

“It’s a great little event and a really good idea. I don’t think ice carving has been seen in Wrexham before, so it’s nice to bring something a bit new!” said Simon.


“It’s really special. I’m really pleased to be able to bring something here that hasn’t been seen before. I think it’s really nice to be part of that and to be making a piece of history.”

With a decade of experience in the industry, Simon has been making a huge impact with his art in the region and much further beyond worldwide, but he has always come home to Wrexham.

“Wood carving is my background as a career. I started life as an illustration graduate from Glyndwr, I then went into tree surgery and learnt how to use the chainsaw and then saw somebody carving for the first time…and ended up actually trying it out and I really enjoyed it.

“It’s been ten years since I started as a sculptor, and it’s been brilliant.

“My workshop is in Rossett and I’ve done a lot of work in the Plassey. I’m artist-in-residence in Erddig this year and next year, so it’s great to show people that it is possible be a full-time artist and make a living from doing something you love”.

The event attracted huge crowds from all over the region and was supported my numerous local businesses and sponsored by the famous Wrexham Lager, who were pouring pints in their own van on the court of the building.


With the exhibitions and café open to the public and plenty of activities for both young and old to enjoy, many people who often don’t get the chance got to enjoy the wonders the museum has to offer – including the latest superhero exhibits.

The museum is open all year round with plenty of new features to look out for including ‘the heat of battle’ which runs until January 6, 2018.

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