Garden waste bin

From today (Monday, February 17) you can pay online to have your green garden waste bin emptied. The paid for collections will begin from Wednesday, April 1. You don’t have to pay today but if you want to continue having your green garden waste removed by us you should pay by mid March.

The charge will be £25 per green garden waste bin, per year. Payment can be made either online or by telephone 01978 298989 to register for the service.


If you do register to continue to have your green garden waste bin collected you will receive a label with your address clearly printed on. This label should be placed on the lid of your bin. This will help the collection crew to quickly identify if the service has been paid for.

“What happens if I don’t want to pay?”

From April 1 we will no longer empty your green garden waste bin if you haven’t paid for the service. But you can use one of our household recycling centres. Alternatively you may like to try home composting.

“Can I share my green garden waste collection with a neighbour?”

Yes you can but please make sure the bin is outside the address that it is registered to.

“I no longer want my green garden waste bin”

If you decide you don’t want to pay for you garden waste bin to be collected we will pick it up but it won’t be immediately. You can request it to be picked up here.

We recommend you hang on to it for a while as you may change your mind and you will need to pay for a new green garden waste bin if it has been removed.

Darren Williams, Chief Officer, Environment and Technical, said: “Introducing this charge is something we have done due to the continued financial challenges that face local government. We are not the only local authority to have introduced these charges but we have kept it to the minimum possible charge and it is lower than others are charging. We hope you will continue to recycle your garden waste with us but we understand if you wish to use one of the Household Recycling Centres or home compost.”

We have prepared some questions and answers you may have about your green garden waste bin collection which you may find useful.

You can take a look at them here:

Sign up to pay for your green bin to be emptied from 17 February