Wrexham Young People Care Council

This blog is one of a number of stories we’ll be posting throughout Youth Work Week 2018.

This week is Youth Work Week…and on Saturday, June 30 you’ll have a chance to head over to Tŷ Pawb and see some of the fantastic services available to young people in the local area.

Over the next few days, we’ll be focusing on five of these service types, beginning today with Participation and Care Council.

So listen up and get involved!

Youth Parliament

Senedd Yr Ifanc (Wrexham Youth Parliament) encourage you to get involved by bringing your issues straight to them. It’s the things that are important to you, your groups and schools that will be discussed.

The aim is to give young people a place at the debating table when it comes to the big changes that could affect the rest of their lives.

We featured Senedd in an article last week that you can refer back to or for more information phone 01978 317961 or email youngvoices@wrexham.gov.uk.


Care Council

The Young People’s Care Council collects the views of all looked-after children and care leavers in Wrexham and ensures these views are listened to and then acted upon.

They do this by working with the staff of the Children’s Social Care Department to support the improvements in looked-after children and care leavers’ lives.

The Young People’s Care Council is made up of eight young people aged 11-20 from different walks of life in the care system. They have meetings on a monthly basis.

Important issues

Each year the Care Council conducts a survey to find out the most important issues for young people in care. The results of this survey will decide which work the group will do for the next year to try and improve the lives of young people.

What did this year’s survey show?

The annual survey revealed that children and young people feel that there are issues around lack of privacy, a lack of emotional support or networking opportunities and that there are also difficulties arranging to have friends stay over at their house or being able to stay over at a friends’ house.

How are the issues addressed?

These issues have been addressed by developing a short film with an organisation called Fixers which will be used in training for foster carers and social workers. Young people took other issues to a Question Time event in Cardiff.

For further information on Wrexham Young People’s Care Council phone 01978 295372 or email youngpeoplescarecouncil@wrexham.gov.uk.

So there you have it!

If you would like to meet the teams or find out more about the work they do, they will be in Tŷ Pawb on Saturday, June 30.

There will also be a number of other services promoting their work and plenty of fun and informal activities to get involved with.

Open Mic

One of these events is an open mic session starting at 1pm and later at 3pm you are in for a treat as Luke Gallagher will be performing live music.

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