Garden waste bin

Residents are reminded that garden waste collection charges will apply from Monday, August 31, so only those who have signed up to the service will have their garden waste collected from this date.

Darren Williams, Chief Officer Environment and Technical, said: “The paid service starts very soon, so we’re looking to remind people they can sign up by calling the contact centre on 01978 298989 and making a card payment. The contact centre is very busy at the moment, so if you are struggling to get through please be patient and they will answer as soon as they can.

“We’ve kept the charge as low as possible at £25 per green garden waste bin per-year, which is lower than many other authorities in England and Wales. The decision to introduce this charge wasn’t taken lightly, but after cuts to local government funding we had no choice but to join other councils in charging for this discretionary service.”

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If you do register to continue to have your green garden waste bin collected you will receive a sticker with your address clearly printed on. This sticker should be placed on the lid of your bin. This will help the collection crew to quickly identify if the service has been paid for.

Online payments coming soon

We expect to be able to accept online payments shortly. We will let you know through our social media channels and this news blog when this becomes available.

If you’ve already paid for the garden waste service, you don’t need to do anything

If you already paid for the service earlier in the year you don’t need to do anything…you will receive a full 12 months service until August 31, 2021.

Please continue to display the original sticker you were sent as new ones won’t be sent out (it doesn’t matter if the contract date showing is now incorrect, your bin(s) will still get collected until August 31, 2021).

For more information about the service, please take a look at this blog:

You can now call us to pay for the garden waste collection service

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