Wrexham Gateway

Last summer we announced plans for a major regeneration of the Mold Road area into Wrexham in order to see it transformed into a bustling hub of sporting, commercial, residential and retail activity bringing with it huge economic benefits to the town.

Included in the plans are the redevelopment of the Kop at the Racecourse stadium in order to increase seating and allow the venue to be used for major sporting international events. The provision of a four star hotel and conference facility as well as improvements to the train station allowing improved access to the town centre and Glyndŵr University are also part of the proposals.


Since that announcement all the partners involved, ourselves, The Welsh Government, Wrexham AFC and Wrexham Glyndŵr University have continued to work on the plans to measure what is possible and if so what would be required to take them to the stage where they could be delivered.

Following that work the partners involved have agreed that the proposals are feasible and, with the necessary finances in place, long-standing plans for the area can be a reality.

The Welsh Government’s Minister for North Wales, Ken Skates has now approved the budget provision for initial site acquisitions associated with the emerging proposals which is another step forward for the Wrexham Gateway project.

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said: “I am very pleased that plans are progressing very well and that the ambitious proposals set out last year are feasible. I would like to thank our partners for their support thus far and to assure them of our commitment to achieving the ambitious plans we have laid out.

Ken Skates, Welsh Government Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, who visited the area recently, said: “The Wrexham Gateway project is a clear demonstration of our commitment to bringing forward the redevelopment of the area. I am pleased to approve the budget provision for initial site acquisitions and I look forward to seeing this important project move forward.”

Spencer Harris, Director of Wrexham AFC “The Racecourse Ground is of strategic importance to Wrexham, North Wales and indeed the whole of Wales. It is very exciting to know that, after many years of speculation, plans to see the venue into a 15,000 seat international level venue, are set to be taken forward. It’s very encouraging to see the commitment of all the partners and the scale of the regeneration together we are determined to bring to Wrexham.”

Maria Hinfelaar, Vice-Chancellor of Wrexham Glyndŵr University said, “I am very pleased to be working with our partners to create a very much improved gateway into Wrexham that will provide visitors, students and residents to Wrexham with an excellent view of the town and a superb gateway into the town itself. The Wrexham Gateway Partnership dovetails with the University’s Campus 2025 Masterplan and it is exciting to see how we can work together to transform the town.”

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