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Senior councillors are set to discuss plans to adopt two new beneficial policies for our foster carers in Wrexham county borough. The Council Tax Discretionary Discount Scheme for foster carers and the Foster Friendly policy for Wrexham Council staff will be discussed in the Executive Board meeting on March 10.

The Council Tax Discretionary Discount Scheme would allow all foster carers approved by Wrexham Council to be eligible for a 75% reduction in their net council tax. The aim is to encourage prospective foster carers who live in the Wrexham area to apply with Wrexham County Borough Council rather than Independent Fostering Agencies. This policy would also make being a foster carer for Wrexham Council more attractive to potential foster carers and ensure that local children are kept in the Wrexham area which is vital to their sense of identity and provides continuity in education, health and community.


The councillors will also be discussing a fostering friendly policy for Wrexham Council Staff. It would mean that all council employees who are approved or being assessed as foster carers with Wrexham Council will be entitled to up to 5 days extra annual leave to enable them to attend relevant meetings and training sessions in their role as foster carers.

These policies will assist with the recruitment and retention of foster carers living in Wrexham and will reduce the number of children placed with independent fostering agencies outside of the county borough. It will also improve the outcomes for looked after children and reduce the financial and resource implications of children being placed in external provision and ‘out of borough’ placements.

It will also provide rewards and benefits which aid the recruitment of council employees as well as improving the retention of current foster carers.

If you want to read the full agenda you can do so here.

Don’t forget the date: March 10 at the Guildhall.

Members of the public are welcome to attend.The meeting is also webcast and you can watch live here.

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