Underneath the Arches 2019 is now only a few short weeks away and the excitement’s really starting to set in.

In preparation we’ve compiled a list of some of a few things to look forward to at the upcoming event.

1. It’s fun for the whole family

Picture this. You see a quality looking event advertised online. There are drinks, music, good food and a stunning back drop. You’re ready to buy your tickets until you see the dreaded “NO CHILDREN UNDER 16”.

Fortunately this won’t be an issue with the upcoming Underneath the Arches, the event is very much a family affair and parents are encouraged to bring the kids along.

2. Chairs are permitted

Hate standing up for extended periods of time? So do we. Luckily this is something Underneath the Arches has taken into consideration by permitting all attendees to bring along a chair.


3. Breath-taking Location

There are only 3 World Heritage Sites in Wales and the Wrexham County is lucky enough to be home to one of them. What better way is there to celebrate this than by hosting a massive festival at the base of the site on a (hopefully) gorgeous summer day? This year also marks 10 years of World Heritage Site Status for the aqueduct meaning there’s all the more reason to attend!

4. ‘Bring your own drink’ policy

There’s not much worse than paying admission for a festival only to discover you’re forced to pay through the nose for a brand of drink you don’t even like.

Underneath the Arches addresses this issue by allowing attendees to bring their own alcohol to the event (provided they’re of legal age).

Make sure you check the permitted alcohol list below:

• 8 x 440ml cans / or 330ml bottles of beer, lager or cider or…
• 1 x 75cl bottle of wine or…
• 1 x 50cl or 0.5ltr bottle of spirits

5. A great opportunity to take photos

Make this Underneath the Arches more than a memory by capturing your favourite moments.

Nabbing a few pics might even land you a few tickets for next year’s instalment!

Has this got you in the mood for this year’s Underneath the Arches 2019? Then you can buy your tickets here or by clicking on the button below.

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