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The first episode of ‘Live in the Window’ will stream live on Youtube tomorrow, 2 December between 4pm-7pm, with an audio podcast version available on Monday.

The show, hosted by Robert Corcoran and James Stevens, will feature guests, challenges and discussions all related to Wrexham culture.

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“Earlier this year, I sat in a shop window in the city centre and watched the Ryan Reynolds film Green Lantern 100 times. It was totally bizarre, but people seemed to like it! So I wanted to explore a similar format – a live chat show in Wrexham with fun and games – where anyone and everyone can get involved in person and online.”

The show will take place live at 16 Yorke Street. Guests are welcome to watch the show in person and even spin the giant wheel of fortune!

The wheel, which has been constructed and painted by local artists, will allow guests to choose questions and win prizes. Each week a nominated local charity will be selected, if the wheel lands on their section, a donation will be added.

The entire show will be streaming on 73 Degree Films’ Youtube Channel and a podcast version will be available on Monday on all podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple, Amazon + more).

The show has received official support from Wrexham Council, through the cultural commissions for Wrexham 2029 (funding for these projects has derived from the £125,000 runners-up award received from DCMS from the 2025 bid).

“We’re really looking forward to showcasing the best of Wrexham Culture in a new, fun way! If you’d like to get in touch with us, come on the show, sponsor some prizes or get involved, send us an email or message to 73 Degree Films.” – Robert Corcoran

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Email: contact@73degreefilms.com

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