AMAZING! Reducing the number of ambulance callouts by 48 so far this year…

This article is part of our 12 days to a safer Christmas campaign

Hopefully, you will never have to use it, but if your night does end up going a bit pear shaped then the Welfare Centre is the place you can go for help.

The Wrexham Welfare Project has been running from Hafan Y Dref, in Wrexham town centre since December 2015.  Red Cross volunteers work in partnership with many different organisations including Wrexham Street Pastors, local businesses, the police and health services to ensure those experiencing the nightlife of Wrexham have a safe and enjoyable night out.  They provide emotional support and first aid to all who come to the centre without passing judgement on how people came to be in the circumstances they are in.


48 ambulances cancelled

48 ambulances have been cancelled so far  this year with more appropriate alternatives to 999 being found.

Lost your friends? No battery on your phone to call them? Too, drunk to get home?

The centre is there to help.

Michelle McBurnie, British Red Cross Volunteer said, “The centre is there to help anybody that needs it whilst on a night out in Wrexham. It ensures that Wrexham is a safe place for a night out as well as reducing the strain on other partner organisations in the town centre.”

The shift runs from 10.30pm to 4.30am overnight and sometimes-extra shifts are laid on for Christmas and bank holiday weekends, when most people would want to enjoy themselves with family; yet a regular group of volunteers willingly go out and ensure that the shifts are covered.

Between July and September this year, 95% of people who attended the welfare centre were treated for less than 30 mins before going on to enjoy the rest of their night or being taken home by a relative or friend.

If you would like to find out more about the Welfare Centre you can get in touch with the team on 01745 828330 or email

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