Wrexham Council keeping money safe

The council spends your money…on providing services for you.

So we need to make sure tax-payers’ money is being properly managed and accounted for.

We also need to know what can get in the way of us providing services for you – the risks.

This is what our Audit Committee will be looking at when it meets on Thursday, December 19.


Up for discussion on December 19

The committee will look at the work of our auditors – both internal and external.

It will also look at what the council does to identify and manage its risks.

The committee is chaired by Jerry O’Keeffe. He isn’t a councillor or an employee, but an independent member of the public.

He says: “Councils are complex organisations which affect us all. Effective auditing and risk management are essential to ensure controls are strong enough to protect the council from error, fraud and waste.

“We also make sure managers put into place any improvements that have been agreed.”

Come to the meeting

The meetings are open to the public, so why not go along if you get the chance?

Mr O’Keeffe says: “The committee looks at serious matters, but the meetings aren’t scary or stuffy. We welcome members of the public attending.”

Interested? The meeting takes place this Thursday, December 19 at the Guildhall in Wrexham, starting at 4pm.

View the agenda on the council’s website.