Are you a born ICT leader?

At Wrexham Council, we’re looking for someone to head-up our ICT department.

Someone with tip-top skills, bags of experience and the ability to make good things happen with technology.

Interested? Read on…

The job

As the Head of Service for ICT, you’ll lead on various applications and infrastructure projects.

You’ll manage around 30 employees working across a range of business, security, technical and development functions – many of them crucial to the running of the council.

And let’s face it…IT people are heroes. They help keep organisations and customers safe. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide people with the services they need.

So this is a very important job.

Are you a born ICT leader?

The rewards

Working in the public sector can be really rewarding.

First of all, it definitely isn’t boring.

Councils are having to get more savvy and innovative in how they deliver services…and technology has a big part to play in that.

So there’s plenty of job satisfaction with this role…plenty of scope to flex your creative, technological and strategic muscles.

Plus you’ll get access to a good pension scheme, generous leave allowance, flexible working (great for balancing work and home life) and other employee benefits.

How to apply

The closing date for applications is June 14, 2019 so if you’re interested in joining ‘Team Wrexham’, go for it.

For more info, including contact details for an informal chat about the post, visit our website.