Let’s face it we all have rubbish that we need to dispose of and that’s why most of us either use our household waste bin or if we have too much we take it to the household recycling centre.

There are some of you out there though that think it’s OK to leave it in or around our litter bins.  They are meant for just that “litter”, stuff that people need to dispose of when they’re out and about like a crisp packet or empty can.

“litter bins are not for business waste”

Litter bins are not meant for dumping general rubbish or, what’s happening more and more is some businesses have also taken to using them for their shop waste.  Litter bins are not for business waste.  Businesses should have a trade contract to safely remove their rubbish and our enforcement teams will be speaking to one or two who have been identified to make sure they don’t carry on doing this.


“It’s lazy and unacceptable”

Cllr David A Bithell Lead Member for Environment and Transport said:

“Unfortunately this problem is increasing which means our resources are taken up by removing rubbish from businesses and householders who cannot be bothered to take it to our recycling sites of dispose of it in their own household bin.

“There are no more excuses.  Facilities are available for people to use rather than dump on the side of a litter bin which is lazy and unacceptable. Most of the general public use the facilities available or recycle their waste in a responsible manner,  what’s become more concerning is that some businesses are also doing the same instead of having a contract for disposing of their waste correctly  We are having a particular problem in Rhosddu and Smithfield areas at the moment and I have asked our team to pay particular attention to these areas.

“Our Enforcement Team are taking a hard line in tackling this problem and will not hesitate to prosecute those who abuse the law and a fine of up to £50,000 can be issued if people are caught.”

Household Recycling Centres are available at three sites in the county borough, Bryn Lane on Wrexham Industrial Estate, Brymbo and Plas Madoc.  You can find more about them here

At the Bryn Lane site there is a Recycling shop run in partnership with Nightingale House.

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