Important notice from Wrexham Council

As part of the ongoing drive to improve council housing across the county borough, we’d like to further reassure tenants that the external wall insulation we’re using complies with safety standards.

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, councils across the UK faced questions about the type of materials they were using.

Wrexham Council would like to further reassure tenants and residents that the external wall insulation we install has been subject to in-depth testing and complies with British Standards and current Building Regulations.

Independent fire safety tests

We use two types of external wall insulation system, depending on the type of building.

These are both insulated render/brick slip systems, designed for low-rise buildings, rather than the ventilated rain-screen system used to refurbish Grenfell Tower.

We have recently consulted with the two manufacturers which supply external wall insulation systems to the council.

They have given us further reassurance that both systems have passed full, independent fire-safety tests.

Extensive modernisation programme

We are currently continuing with the external wall insulation programme across the county borough.

The work is being carried out in stages and will be completed by 2020.

The insulation is being installed on non-traditional properties such as steel-framed and timber houses.

These types of buildings are generally harder and more expensive to heat than cavity-wall insulated, brick-built houses.

External wall insulation is designed to improve the energy-efficiency of the properties and make them cheaper for our tenants to heat, as well as extend the lifetime of the buildings by protecting their structures from the elements.

This work is part of the council’s extensive modernisation programme to ensure we achieve the Welsh Government’s Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

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