Neighbours' bungalow

One of the positive things to come out of the Covid-19 emergency is the way people are looking out for each other.

However, there are some people who don’t have relatives or friends nearby, and don’t have anyone obvious to check they’re ok.

So we’re asking households across Wrexham to think about their neighbours – particularly anyone elderly or living alone.

Think about whether you’ve seen or heard them lately, and – if you’re concerned – try to check on them.

Give them a knock, or pop a note through the letterbox…but make sure you stick to social distancing rules and keep at least two metres away.

If you can’t get a response and you become really worried, get in touch with us on 01978 292000 or and we’ll try and make contact with the person you’re concerned about.


No-one should face this alone

In a joint statement, chief executive Ian Bancroft and Leader Mark Pritchard explain why it’s so important…

“Social distancing means we’re all seeing a lot less of our neighbours.

“But most of us can still keep in touch with friends and family using technology, or wave to a neighbour across the street.

“However, there are some people who might not have anyone obvious to reach out to, and might go largely unnoticed in our communities and neighbourhoods.

“If they’re unsure where to get support from, they might feel very frightened and alone during these challenging times.

“No-one should have to feel like that, so we’re asking you to think about your neighbours and – if you’re concerned – try to check they’re ok.”

We’re contacting our housing tenants

In the same spirit, we’re also trying to contact all of our housing tenants to check they’re ok.

Our teams are calling everyone who rents a council property in the first instance and have spoken to over 3,000 households already to check on their welfare.

If we’re not able to speak to the tenant, we’re writing to them…asking them to make contact with us.

So if you receive a letter from us, please respond…we just want to check you’re ok.

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