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Freda is a member of the Adult Learning Digital Literacy class at Acton Community Resource Centre and lately she’s been putting her new found digital skills to good use.

In order to continue seeing friends and family she’s been using Facetime to have a good chin wag and lift her spirits.

Freda said, “I have just been on Facetime with my very good friend Mary and her husband Geoff. They are both 94, so at 87 I am a bit behind them! How clever is technology these days? We are able to talk about old times and today we talked about old fashioned washing aids like blue bags, starch etc and liver and onions for dinner. It was so good to talk to them!”


Thanks to the class at Acton, and also by attending an intergenerational technology course at the centre with local students, she has been able to gain lots of digital skills over the last few years. Freda started the class, initially as a social activity, but now has numerous IT qualifications and a confidence in using digital technologies.

These new skills are being put to excellent use to keep in touch with friends and family. She is also able to continue to attend her local church services, offered by Christchurch Wrexham, through Zoom.

Useful resources

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