This information is intended for those residents who are returning to properties in Bangor on Dee following the recent flooding situation in that area.

Public Health advice for properties following a flood:

Both Public Health Wales and Natural Resources Wales have specific advice for properties affected by flooding.

You can check this out by visiting their websites:

Or read the specific advice from Public Health Wales here about cleaning up:

Clean up safely after a flood


The welfare of residents returning to their properties in Bangor in Dee is important and if you have any urgent welfare needs, food or medication requirements, for example please use this number 01978 298989.

This number is to be used for “urgent” welfare concerns only and operators will not be able to help with insurance, flood damage repairs or any other type of enquiry.

If you have concerns about the supply of water, electricity or gas please contact y our provider direct.

Beware of Rogue Traders

It’s a sad fact but rogue traders are known to target properties that have been affected by floods.

Please be very wary of anyone who knocks your door offering to do repairs. The area may also be targeted by online traders offering special offers to properties affected by floods.

Residents can become victims of a scam and receive very poor workmanship at inflated prices or no work undertaken at all.

Always choose a reputable trader to do work for you. Check out telephone numbers and claims and never hand out money in advance of any work being done.

If anyone calls saying they are from the council, water, gas, electricity or similar organisation always ask for identification. Any genuine caller will not mind while you make a phone call to check their ID.

Please remember during the current Covid-19 restrictions no-one outside of your immediate household should be entering your house unless it is to undertake urgent repairs or checks and they will usually ring in advance.


We are aware that road access to Bangor on Dee is still restricted so if you do need to go out for essential purposes please pay attention to “road closed” signs, “diversion” signs and any other signage placed by our Highways Department for your safety.

Officers are continuing tonight and over the weekend to monitor the road conditions and to open and clean roads as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are expecting icy conditions so please be aware that untreated roads may be slippery. If they are closed do not attempt to use them and follow the diversions in place.

Bin Collections

Recycling in some areas was not collected last week due to the conditions. When conditions are better this will be collected early next week. We’ll post on our social media when you should put it out. If it is already out and is not an inconvenience to anyone please leave it out and it will be collected as soon as we are able.