Flip flops recycling centre take care

Along with FCC Environment, who manage our three recycling centres in Wrexham, we’re urging people to keep themselves, their children and their pets safe when visiting our sites.

There’s a number of potential hazards at a recycling centre, so we’re keen to give you some pointers to help make sure your next visit is a safe and pleasant experience.


Ways to stay safe

• Sort before you visit

Pre-sorting your items at home helps you get in and out of your recycling centre quickly and efficiently, lessening the chance of an accident.

• Avoid slips, trips and falls…be aware of your footwear

Summer’s warmer weather often means flip-flops or sandals, but take care and make sure you’re in more suitable footwear when visiting your recycling centre. You don’t know what could’ve fallen on the ground where you’re walking, or who might drop something heavy, so sensible shoes are a must. Bare feet are definitely not allowed!

• Follow the signs

Our staff are on hand to guide you to the appropriate disposal bays. The bays are clearly laid-out with signs to help you find them. Reverse parking will get you closer too, for easy access.

• Keep kids and pets in vehicles

With cars, vans and trucks reversing and bulky items being moved around, it’s important that children (under 16 years old), as well as pets, stay in your vehicle for their own safety.

Children are often ‘keen to be green’ and help out at the recycling centre, but there’s other ways they can do this. For example, letting them sort through your materials at home is a way to keep them engaged with recycling, but also safe.

• Drive considerately

Bryn Lane recycling centre has a 5mph speed limit, whilst our other two centres have a 4mph restriction. Please keep to the designated speed limit. With vehicles constantly moving in and out of the site we ask all visitors to be extra careful.

These simple steps can help you stay accident-free 🙂

“Be aware”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We strongly urge people to follow this advice to make sure their future visits to our recycling centres are safe.

“It’s very important to realise that there are potential hazards at a recycling centre, with large objects being moved around frequently. Always be aware of what’s happening around you when you visit.”

Our three recycling centres

If you need a reminder, you can find our recycling centres at…

Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wynnstay Bank, Plas Madoc
The Lodge, Brymbo 

Visit the council website to find a detailed list of materials that can be recycled at our centres.

All our recycling centres have a strict no smoking policy, and please refrain from using mobile phones whilst on the site.

Trade waste material isn’t accepted at our three recycling centres. Also, any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes won’t be accepted in the sites (e.g. large horse boxes, twin-axle trailers).

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