Be Mighty like our collection crews…Be Mighty. Recycle.

It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and over the past months we’ve had to rely on some great people to help us work through a very difficult situation.

Our waste and recycling services have had to adapt due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and it hasn’t been easy for the collection crews. A lot has been asked of them, but they’ve continued to work hard to provide your weekly service with as little disruption as possible.


Recycle Week 2020 is the perfect time for us to say thanks to the collection crews for their hard work this year.

Cllr David A Bithell, Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “The collection crews have worked extremely hard this year and we want to thank them tremendously for their efforts.

“It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, and at a time when everything else seemed to be shutting down, they had to keep going and adapt to the ever-changing situation. We asked a lot of them and they responded terrifically so that there were minimal disruptions to the collection services, at a time when people needed them more than ever. Thank you.”

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Thanks to you for your kind words

As Cllr Bithell says, it’s not the most glamorous job…but it doesn’t always come with a lot of praise either.

This hasn’t been the case in more recent times though. From March, residents took to social media to praise the collection crews and posted a number of kind messages. This didn’t go unnoticed, and gave a great boost to their morale when they needed it.

Cllr Bithell added: “At the most challenging time the public were fantastic and showed a lot of support, which was really appreciated. The social media messages were great to read and the overall positivity was a big help. People also recognised that we needed to look after the safety of the crews, and doing things such as disinfecting their bin handles was – and continues – to be really helpful.”

Continue to Be Mighty

The best way we can say thanks to our crews is by doing what we can to help keep them safe.

Remember, the operatives need to be able to pick up your recycling containers and empty them straight into the correct vehicle compartment. For safety reasons, no touching of the recyclables can occur.

If you leave any loose recyclables, they aren’t allowed to touch them, so please don’t do this.

If your recycling boxes/bags get full, you can leave the extra recyclables in solid containers next to your other recycling on your collection day. We’ll recycle the materials and leave behind your extra containers, for you to use again.

So, we must stress that the only safe way for us to take your extra recycling is for you to sort it correctly and leave it in separated solid containers for us – No plastic bags please. Unless you do this, we can’t take it away.


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