Do you visit our markets very often?

To say they’re a big part of Wrexham’s history would be an understatement.

Wrexham is known as a market town, and the Butchers Market, General Market and our weekly outdoor Monday Market are a big part of its day-to-day life.

We’ve got some wide-ranging reviews of the markets coming up.


Read the info below to find out more.

“New plans for town centre’s markets”

Back in February 2019, the Employment, Business and Investment Scrutiny Committee looked at future development opportunities for the Butchers Market, the General Market and the outdoor Monday Market, which takes place on Queens Square and Lord Street.

They noted that there was potential funding of up to £2m which could be invested into the regeneration of the markets.
They put together a Task and Finish Group – a small group of councillors, set up to look at very specific issues – to review and develop plans for the future running of the markets, which will support the wider regeneration of Wrexham town centre.

That Task and Finish Group has finished its work, and the report putting together its findings and views will go back to the committee on February 5.

The Group took a look at a lot of information to see what could be done at the markets, including:

  •  Surveys of market users and market traders – more than 350 people gave us their views
  • Discussions with market trader representatives, to make sure those who earn their livelihoods at the markets are kept in the know of what’s going on
  • Visits to other markets elsewhere in the UK, including Altrincham, Chester and Shrewsbury
  • Reports on the markets by students at Glyndŵr University
  • The vision for the markets outlined in the Henblas Study, which sees them playing a key part in the life of the town centre

As a result of their work, the Group has also put together a list of recommendations, which will be discussed by the Employment, Business and Investment Scrutiny Committee.

Those recommendations include coming up with a new business plan for the phased regeneration of the Butchers Market and the General Market, starting with the Butchers Market.

“Where can I find out more?”

You can read the full report detailing the results of their work here.

The meeting of the Scrutiny Committee will be webcast – and you’ll be able to follow it here.

“Members of the public will be interested in this debate”

Cllr Paul Roberts, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, said: “I know this is a subject close to the hearts of a lot of people in Wrexham, and rightly so.

“Markets are a very large part of our history and of the fabric of our town, and the review proposed, which has the full backing of the Task and Finish Group, would have some far-reaching effects.

“Members of the public will be interested in this debate, and I would encourage all those interested to follow the webcast.”

The report is supported by both Lead Members, Cllr Mark Pritchard, Finance, Performance, Health and Safety and Governance and Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.

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