Blue Badge

If you’ve successfully applied for a Blue Badge it means you have a disability that will entitle you to use a disabled parking space in a car park or park on street in certain locations.

It’s important to remember that the Blue Badge is for you and you alone and it should not be used by members of your family or friends to make parking more convenient for them, even if they are doing things to help you.

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It can only be used if you are in the vehicle as either the driver or passenger or if you are being dropped off or collected. If you are not in the vehicle when it is being parked the blue badge concession should not be used.

Unfortunately we’ve seen a few instances lately when drivers have been using other people’s Blue Badges in order to park in a disabled space or in a convenient location on street when they’re not entitled to.

This could mean that someone with a genuine need to park in a disabled space or on street to go about their business is unable to do so independently.

We will prosecute if we find misuse of the badge and have recently prosecuted two people who thought they could do as they wished when parking by using someone else’s blue badge.

The prosecutions led to criminal convictions in both cases and significant fines being issued by magistrates along with strong words about the impact abusing the blue badge scheme has on the genuine needs of badge holders.

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Council, said, “It’s wrong and shameful that people abuse the blue badge system which is intended for people with genuine disablities. Please ensure the system is not abused and that they’re only used by those entitled to use them.”

If you need to find out more about using your Blue Badge take including how to display it correctly please take a look at this document by the Welsh Government.

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