We all have our own individual habits. The set routines and little things we do every day. They’re ingrained in us and we do them, sometimes even without thinking.

But it’s good to stop and think about the habits we have. There are changes we can make to our ‘little’ daily routines that will have a big impact if we continue to do them over a sustained period…and this is where reusing will help the environment in the long term.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “There are opportunities for all of us to change a habit that involves buying a single-use item, and switch it out for something reusable that’s more environmentally sustainable. Reusable items usually work out cheaper in the long run and they’re a great way to cut out disposable items that are causing the planet a big problem.

“It’s by cutting out as many of these single-use items as we can, and recycling and reusing our other plastics that we can make a real difference in Wrexham, but we need to all do this together.”

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Choose to reuse

Here are some examples where reusable items could be introduced in your lifestyle.

Reusable face coverings

We’ve all become accustomed to wearing face coverings over past months as they’re now compulsory in many public places, but if you haven’t already done so it may be time to consider investing in some reusable ones.

Reusable masks or coverings are much better for the environment, but make sure yours have at least three layers of close woven cotton, as silk-like materials don’t offer protection against the spread of coronavirus.

The Welsh Government guidance shows the acceptable requirements for a face covering.

There’s also advice on how to make your own three layer covering.

If you use a disposable face mask, it’s really important that you dispose of it correctly. Please use general waste bins or take it home to dispose of safely and wash your hands or sanitise them straight after.

Sadly, some people haven’t followed this advice and have littered their disposable masks in Wrexham, which is a contamination risk and a danger to wildlife who could easily become entangled in the ties used to hold the mask in place.

Please be responsible.

Reusable water bottles

Are you someone who buys a bottle of water on your way into work every day? Now that the weather’s a bit warmer, you may even find yourself buying more than one a day. If so, think about how many single-use bottles you’re using every week/month/year.

Maybe it’s time to consider getting a reusable water bottle and filling it up before you go out? You’ll be helping the environment and your wallet/purse will be much happier too.

Also, if you prefer the filtered water taste, did you know you can get reusable water filters to use at home or on the go?

Change the habit and choose to reuse.

Reusable coffee cups

Perhaps it’s a cup of coffee that you grab on the go each day? If so, why not get yourself a reusable coffee cup instead of using a single-use one each time.

Before the pandemic, they were becoming increasingly popular and most coffee shops would happily fill your cup for you if asked them to. Some coffee shops even offered a discount for bringing in your own reusable coffee cup! Although some shops have had to pause doing this over past months, as things start getting back to ‘normal’, more are likely to start accepting the reusable cups again.

These are just a few examples, but if we choose to reuse whenever we can we’ll make a difference in the fight against single-use plastics.

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