Christmas Toys

Many of you will be buying your Christmas gifts in the coming weeks but with the increase in online sales there’s an increased risk that you may not be buying safe or genuine toys.

Here’s a few tips to help you along:

Know who you are toys buying from

Wherever you are shopping, remember reputation matters. Is the seller widely recognised for safe and reliable toys?

Get as much information on the seller as you can, especially if you’re buying
from an online marketplace.

Not everything sold on an online platform is supplied by them. If the actual
supplier is not based in the UK, you may face increased risks.

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Always read the warnings and instructions

Toys must be clearly marked with age restrictions, which are based on risks such as choking hazards.

Always follow the age recommendations.

Consider special needs

Children with special needs might be more vulnerable, so keep this in mind when shopping.

Avoid toys with small parts

They can be a choking hazard.

Look out for strangulation hazards

Loose ribbons on toys and costumes can pose risks to young children.

Compare the sellers

Bargains may be too good to be true. Compare the toy’s price with other sellers. If it’s a fraction of the cost, it’s likely to be counterfeit.

Check for button batteries

Ensure that any button batteries in a toy are safely behind a screwed down flap.

Check for product recalls

You can check if the toy you’re buying has been recalled at

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