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People are being fooled into believing their household waste is being disposed of properly at a registered site by unscrupulous people. They’re taking people’s money by promising to remove their waste responsibly then promptly fly tipping rubbish across the county borough.

As householders we all have a “duty of care” to make sure that anyone we use to remove our rubbish has an official Waste Carrier Licence and you can check anyone out on the Natural Resources Wales website.

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Most legitimate companies will happily show you their Licence and assure you that they will dispose of it responsibly at a properly designated waste site.

If they don’t have one then it’s very likely that your rubbish is going to be fly-tipped and if it’s traced back to you risk a fine of up to £5,000 and prosecution.

Our officers can also issue the householder with a £300 fixed penalty notice as an alternative to prosecution.

Check out the Caru Cymru page on our web site to find out more about disposing of your waste responsibly.

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