Climate Change

We declared a climate emergency in 2019 in response to climate change and since then we’ve been working on the four areas in our Decarbonisation Action Plan that we’re concentrating on:

  • Buildings and energy
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Land Use and Green Infrastructure
  • Procurement and Supply Chains (how we get our goods and services)

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In order to make sure we have the right approach to these priorities staff in all areas will be invited to become Carbon Literate.

The training will be an excellent introduction to the issues and solutions that will help us on our road to achieving “Carbon Literate Organisation” status which will mean that we will be:

  • Embedding consideration of carbon into everything we do
  • Raising the status of decarbonisation in decision making
  • Increasing our capacity to support and contribute to this work

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said, “Decarbonisation will be central to decisions relating to the priority areas going forward.

“We’ve already made a great start by installing electric car chargers in car parks and country parks, purchasing electric vehicles and of course generating income to support the project from our solar power field.”

“This is in addition to all the tree planting that’s been going on across the county borough which will continue in the coming months to help us reach our carbon zero target by 2030.”

We have more opportunities coming up for staff and councillors to take part in this really educational, eye opening and interactive training where each person can identify something they will do in their own lives and pledge to change something else in the organisation.

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