Woodland Pledge

As we work towards being carbon neutral by 2030 we’re looking at how we care for our green environment very carefully.

Its health is key and making moves to ensure it continues to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint as well as being a pleasant place to be.

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One of the ways we’re doing this is by planting trees, hedges and heritage fruit trees – and we’ve planted lots of them. 1,500 have been planted over the past two years and even more planned in the coming months such as Sessile Oak, English Oak, Scots Pine, Silver Birch, Field Maple, Rowan and apple, pear and plum which are all heritage fruit varieties that are mostly Welsh.

You’re carbon neutral if the amount of CO₂ emissions you put into the atmosphere is the same as the amount of CO₂ emissions you remove from the atmosphere so trees are essential to help us on our journey to net zero and address climate change. They reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2).

There isn’t a clear figure that we can put on the amount of CO2 they take out of our atmosphere as that depends on the type and size of tree but we can be sure that together they’ll make a difference.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said, “Not only does all this planting help our environment but it also creates important habitats for wildlife and helps create an environment that is beneficial to us all to enjoy.

“Addressing climate change is something we’re very focused on and this is just one of many initiatives that have taken place as we concentrate on our priority areas, Buildings and energy, Land Use and Green Infrastructure, Transport and mobility and Procurement and supply chains.”

“The addition of land at Erddig to become part of the National Forest of Wales will also only increase the number of trees we have in Wrexham.

As we progress with our plans to reduce carbon and address climate change in all of our priority areas we are also:

  • Introducing electric vehicles to our fleet when it needs replacing
  • Introducing electric bikes for staff to use, including a new ecargo bike – all to make journeys for work easier
  • Assessing our schools to make them as low carbon as they can be
  • Continuing to use the latest technology to make sure our new and refurbished buildings are carbon free and energy efficient
  • Increasing the network of electric car charging points on our land
  • Working with our staff to focus on carbon reduction in their service areas
  • Working to achieve Carbon Literate status for the whole organisation
  • Testing some new ideas to improve air quality around some schools
  • Working with Xplore! to run school workshops and create and exciting interactive exhibit for everyone to visit and enjoy

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