Getting people into sport is important – and making sure disabled people can take part in the sports they want is even more important.

The efforts of a Wrexham-based bowling club to help members with vision impairment, learning disabilities or recovering from strokes have recently been recognised by a nationwide body, which aims to increase the involvement of disabled people in sport, and help sporting clubs to widen their inclusion.

Bradley Park Bowling Club was awarded the Disability Sport Wales insport Ribbon for their commitment and dedication to inclusion and disabled people, after working hard to offer sessions for people with a range of disabilities.


The club’s Spot the Jack club provided sessions to people with learning disabilities, by adapting the sport to cater for various physical and learning disabilities, where players and carers can take part in the game on an inclusive and accessible surface.

The club also provides Touchwood sessions to members with visual impairments, where players compete in a specially-adapted game with inclusive equipment that caters for various impairments.

And the club also offers sessions to people recovering from strokes, working directly with the Stroke Association to offer the support needed.

Andrew Atkinson, Lead Member for Youth Services and Anti-Poverty, with responsibility for Leisure, said: “Disability sport provides a fantastic way for people to make new friends and socialise more often, and it can also provide opportunities for recovery and therapy for people with chronic health issues.

“However, this also requires a lot of hard work on the part of clubs and groups to make sure they have the right resources and people in place to support such members.

“Bradley Parking Bowling Club wholly deserves the Disability Sport Wales insport Ribbon for its dedication to all of its members, and I congratulate all at the club for their efforts.”

Terri Ritchie, Disability Sport Wales officer, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with a community-invested club, who are committed to inclusion and equality in Wrexham.

“Well done Bradley Bowls!”

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