Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer?

If the thought has ever crossed your mind then these frequently asked questions about fostering could help you move onto the next step in the fostering process…

Can I foster if I’m single / work full time / have children of my own?

Anyone can foster, all you need is a spare room and the time to support a young person who needs a nurturing family home.

What support/training would be available?

Listen to the support and training the following foster parents receive.

How long does the process take?

The process will take around 6 months and will include various checks, assessments and training.

Would I be paid?

You will receive an allowance to pay for the needs of the child. You can also complete further qualifications and experience in order for you to receive a skills payment.

More Information

Please contact Wrexham Fostering Service and ask to speak to the Recruitment Officer


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