Darland Maths Exam Results GCSE Success

Darland High School students are again celebrating success with 20 students achieving top grades in their Maths GCSEs.

Between them, the high-flyers achieved a staggering 36 A* grades and four A grades in GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Numeracy. Great news!

Students who showed a flare for the subjects were entered for their GSCEs early and they received their results in January. Head of Department, Dr Edwards said: “Most of them are now studying the Additional Mathematics course, and will achieve Distinctions.

“They worked hard in the subject, prepared well for the exams, and did a brilliant job. All of us in the maths faculty are very proud of them, and we’re pleased to see them getting the success they deserve.”


Headteacher, Joanne Lee, added: “We have very professional and supportive staff at Darland High School that want the best for every single student. These pupils have shown a flare for the subject and they’ve been encouraged and supported over the last four years.

“Our maths faculty – led by Dr Edwards – are a very strong team. They’ve seen results continue to rise steadily over the last number of years, and they continue to achieve very strong outcomes for the students of Darland High School.

“But Dr Edwards and his team won’t get complacent. With 36 A* grades in the bag, they’re now working with students to break the school record of 41 students with A* grades. This could mean over 82 A* grades between them, as each student will sit two GCSE exams in Mathematics and Numeracy.

“These 20 students have performed exceptionally well, and should be very proud of their achievements. They can now go on to achieve further maths qualifications that will support them as they move towards A-Levels and further study.”

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