Could you support someone’s health and well-being?

Do you run a service which could help or support a person’s health and well-being?

That could be anything from a small business to a busy community group.

While we as a council can provide more formal care, there are plenty of people out there that can help out with what we’d call “informal support”.


That can cover a lot of ground.

There are things that can be provided by businesses, like mobile hairdressers, gardeners or cleaners.

But it can also be handled by community groups – anything from luncheon clubs to bingo sessions.

And they can help out in ways we can’t, filling up those gaps that the formal care arrangements that we offer normally can’t reach.

And in lots of cases, that type of support can be indispensable, and help someone stay in their home for longer.

Read on if you think you can help – it’ll even give you the opportunity for free advertising!

Dewis Cymru

Our aim is to provide an-easy-to-use list of all these services, which gives people who need support the chance to find the help they need.

And that’s where Dewis Cymru comes in.

Dewis is an online service which helps connect those in need of support

Although the work behind Dewis involves a lot of different partners and providers, the service itself is pretty simple and easy to use.

It’s there to help direct people to the services they need – and, on the flip-side, help services get in touch with people they might be able to help.

And the great news is – it’s FREE to sign up!

If you think you can help, head to the website at and register your details.

Signing up to Dewis and adding your information is easy and the site provides all the directions you’ll need.

But for more guidance or more info on this service, contact our officers at

“They can help out where we can’t”

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said: “Dewis Cymru is in an invaluable resource, and as well as making sure all those who need support know they can look it up on Dewis, we also want to make sure that all those providers who can help are signed up to it as well.

“Many of them can help out where we can’t, and Dewis publicises their services to users completely free of charge.”

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