Covid-19 briefing note

This is real…and we all have to fight it

Wrexham now has the highest coronavirus levels in the whole of Wales (905 per 100k population on a rolling seven-day basis).

The new variant is spreading rapidly and accounts for 70% of new cases.

People in their 20s, 30s and 40s are getting ill…not just older people.

Some are seriously ill. Some are dying.

This is happening now, in Wrexham.

It’s also happening in neighbouring Flintshire, which now has the third highest levels (behind Wrexham and Bridgend), so these are difficult times in North East Wales.

The virus is also in Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire.

Like the rest of the UK, local NHS services are under massive pressure and if we don’t all act now, the consequences will be heart-breaking.

This is a matter of life and death.

The vaccination programme is underway, and making sure we all stick to the rules and comply with restrictions will be crucial in helping us get through the current situation.

And while we know the new variant spreads faster – and children are just as likely to catch and spread it as adults – there’s no indication that its more dangerous, or that the vaccines won’t work against it.

So there is hope…if we all do the right thing.

Covid-19 variant

If we don’t protect the NHS, it can’t protect us

Media coverage this week has shown scenes in hospitals across the UK, where doctors and nurses are doing everything they can to help not just Covid-19 patients, but other people with serious conditions and injuries too.

The commitment and professionalism of NHS staff is immense, but we all have to help them by staying as safe as possible.

If you didn’t catch it earlier this week, it’s worth listening to the ITV News interview with Dr Steve Stanaway at Wrexham Maelor Hospital…

Two things we can all do right now…

There are two things we can all do to help slow the spread of the virus, ease pressure on our health services and save lives:

  • Don’t mix with people from other households (indoors or outdoors).
  • Don’t travel except for essential purposes…such as work, health reasons or caring duties.

It’s simple to understand, sometimes difficult to do, but we all have to do it if we want to turn this around.

Take a look at the Welsh Government website for more info about the current Alert Level 4 restrictions in Wales.

Schools update – remote learning to continue

It’s been announced today that children across Wales will continue to learn online from home.

This will continue until the February half-term, unless coronavirus levels drop significantly before January 29.

Vaccination update – Wrexham and North Wales

The UK vaccination programme is rolling out, and although it’ll take time, it should soon begin to help us win this fight. There is hope.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening locally:

  • North Wales is receiving 22% of all vaccines made available in Wales, based on its population size.
  • In Wrexham, care home staff are currently receiving vaccinations through the mass vaccination centre in Deeside.
  • As more stocks become available, priority groups in the wider population in Wrexham will be offered the vaccine.
  • Prioritisation is based on age with the over 80s receiving the first doses as they are the most vulnerable.
  • The availability of the ‘Oxford’ vaccine is about to make a huge difference (unlike the Pfizer vaccine, it doesn’t need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures).

You can read more about the rollout in the ‘update for councillors’ at the bottom of this briefing note.

You can also find out more on the Public Health Wales website.

Breaking news…

Moderna vaccine becomes third COVID-19 vaccine approved by UK regulator

Think before you share

A lot of misleading ‘facts’ get thrown around on social media.

Sometimes it’s unintended, sometimes it’s deliberate, and sometimes it can literally cost lives. Because, during a pandemic, misinformation can be lethal.

So please, before you share info about coronavirus, make sure it’s from a trusted source.

Local updates and data

We send Covid-19 updates to councillors every Monday and Friday, which include Public Health Wales data about coronavirus levels in Wrexham.

Councillors use these updates to help keep their communities informed, and local media also help share the information.

If you’d like to read today’s update, open the PDFs below:

Useful sources of information

Get the facts…read the latest NHS Wales Covid-19 vaccination info.