We know just how much of an impact the threat posed by rogue traders can have on communities  – and especially the dangers they can pose to vulnerable or elderly individuals.

Wrexham has been targeted by rogue traders in recent months.  Working in partnership, our Trading Standards team and our North Wales Police colleagues have undertaken patrols in our rural communities to tackle doorstep crime and clamp down on rogue trading and associated criminal activity.

Officers involved in the operation recovered stolen property and assisted in the search of a wanted male, and we also gathered a lot of intelligence which will help us to prevent future doorstep crime.


The dangers these criminals can pose to vulnerable or elderly can be alarming.

People are often caught off guard and what starts as a seemingly polite knock on the door or leaflet through the letter box often leads to a discussion over basic household work.

Rogue traders will seem polite to start…

To start with, rogue traders will usually seem very polite, friendly and helpful.

But no matter how friendly they appear, they’ll push vulnerable people into carrying out expensive work which isn’t needed, and which can quickly escalate out of control.

Further down the line, these professional, organised criminals will turn to intimidation to then demand large sums of cash.  They will even escort people to their bank to take out money, and sadly we often see instances of repeat victimisation.

The affect that this type of crime can have on people’s mental health is significant, leading to increased feelings of insecurity, isolation, embarrassment and vulnerability.

No one should be made to feel vulnerable within their own homes.

“Very negative impact”

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety, said: “Rogue traders such as doorstep criminals can have a very negative impact on our communities, and can make life especially hard for elderly or vulnerable individuals, who are often the most likely to be the victims of such crime.

“If anyone encounters such doorstep sellers at their home, they are within their rights to turn down any such offers of work – no matter how polite the seller may seem. If the sellers become insistent, suspicious or aggressive, members of the public can contact Wrexham Council’s Trading Standards service on 01978 298997 or North Wales Police on 101, or dial 999 in an emergency.

“If homeowners feel that work could be done on their home, they are advised to get in touch with a reputable trader, rather than dealing with unsolicited doorstep sellers.”

Our Trading Standards team and North Wales Police will continue to work together to tackle this crime, and work to protect and safeguard our communities.

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