As the New Year starts, changes to council car parking charges and tariff bands start too.

Having implemented free parking throughout the entirety of December – which has been a great success  – the new charges and tariff bands come into action on January  1, 2018.

With key aims to increase footfall and to keep shoppers in the town for longer, short stay parking has now been extended by an hour, with a 1-3 hour tariff costing £1.80. This will be in place at all Wrexham County Borough Council operated car parks.


Meanwhile, we’ll be reducing the cost of parking at Waterworld – our largest car park – to £3 for all-day parking for Monday to Friday. Furthermore, there will be a reduction from £350 to £300 for a six-month parking permit at that car park.

However there will be increases at Crescent Road, with all-day parking rising to £2 and a six-month parking permit up to £200.

The free after 3pm provision at Crescent Road as well as Tŷ Pawb (formerly the People’s Market) is being replaced, with charges applying up to 6pm, and then parking after 6pm to cost £1 up until midnight.

Tŷ Pawb, the exciting new project on the site of the People’s Market, opens in April 2018. Parking at the site will be £1 for a 0-1 hour stay, from the turn of the year.

Changing demand for town centre parking 

We’re putting these changes in place to make sure we have a tariff and charging structure which reflects demand for town centre parking.

Having already made vast improvements to our car parks in recent months with brand new machines which accept card payments, and the ability to now pay via your mobile phone using the Just Park App, Wrexham Council is striving to improve parking in the town centre and its surrounding area to bring more and more people in to the town.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “These new tariffs will bring all of our car parks in the town centre into line with one another and arrangements will be more equitable across all car parks.

“It ensures that we have a parking pricing structure in place which reflects the demands for parking in the town centre, and will address the needs of residents, visitors and local businesses.

“The new 1 – 3 hour charge at £1.80 will allow shoppers to spend more time in the town, and the reduction in the all-day price at Waterworld, our largest car park, will allow them to stay for longer”.

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