Don't Blow Christmas

We’re supporting the “Don’t Blow Christmas” campaign  to raise awareness of the dangers of buying counterfeit electrical products online in the run-up to Christmas.

Don’t Blow Christmas urges people to recognise and choose authentic electrical goods from legitimate retailers in a bid to reduce the risk of faulty and hazardous goods ruining Christmas for families.

There are good reasons for the campaign as counterfeit electrical goods are often found to be unsafe and 98% fail safety tests.

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Home Office data shows that 10 UK house fires each day are caused by faulty appliances and leads.

Roger Mapleson, Trading Standards and Licensing Lead, said “Don’t buy electrical goods through adverts on social media, or unknown on-line suppliers just because the price is low. At best you will be buying poor quality products that don’t last. At worst you could be risking lives.”

“It’s important that customers understand that whilst they may think they are saving money, they often need to buy the product again much quicker so the message ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ very true in many cases.”

Click here for more information on the campaign.

Don’t Blow Christmas is an Intellectual Property Office led consumer campaign.

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