Black bin bags containing general waste

We want to remind residents that although we will collect extra recycling (if it’s presented correctly), we do not take any extra bags of rubbish left next to general waste bins.

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Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Environment, said: “We don’t accept side waste, so please don’t leave any next to your bins. If you have any extra bags of waste that won’t fit in your bin, you will need to take them to one of the recycling centres. You can find the opening hours of the recycling centres in Wrexham on our website. Alternatively, you can keep hold of the bags until you have enough room to put them in your rubbish bin ready for your next scheduled collection.”

How to present extra recycling

If your recycling boxes get full, you can leave any extra recyclables in solid containers next to your other recycling on your collection day and we’ll recycle the materials (leaving the containers behind for you to reuse again).

But if you do have extra recycling, please separate the materials as you usually would…for example, if you have extra plastic bottles and glass, please put the plastic in one container and the glass in a separate container.

Also, we will collect clean, flattened cardboard left by recycling containers as long as it is no larger in height or width than a standard issue blue sack.

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