City of Culture is a competition run every 4 years by the Department for Digital, Culture and Sport (DCMS) where the title “City of Culture” is awarded to a city, town or region within the UK.

The competition is all about using culture as a catalyst for positive change in the community.

Last year ‘Wrecsam’ reached the final stages in the competition ending runner up to Bradford who will host City of Culture 2025. Hopefully you will have seen our colourful logo as well as the #tag #Wrecsam2025 that had over 7 million impressions online! You can see a bit of what we got up to in the UK City of Culture 2025 bid – Wrecsam’s story (so far) – article.

Having seen the cultural, social and economic benefits in competing and gaining this title, it was quickly agreed that Wrecsam would run again in 2029.

We are now seeking individuals to express their interest in becoming part of an interim City of Culture board – the board will oversee and steer the work for Wrexham’s City of Culture campaign from Early 2023 through to the establishment of a new Cultural Community Trust anticipated to be in Early 2024.

Being part of the interim board means that your stewardship, ideas and decisions will help raise the ambitions on what we can achieve as a community.

We are seeking talented individuals who have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to make key decisions, develop strategies and the ability to steer the direction and narrative of the Wrecsam2029 campaign.

The interim board will consist of between 8-12 individuals with experience in the following fields:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Individuals with International Connections
  • Business, Industry, Hospitality & Tourism
  • Education & Skills
  • Public Bodies e.g. British Council, Welsh Government, Arts Council of Wales
  • Media Professionals

A panel made up of members of the City of Culture Executive Group will shortlist the written submissions and hold interviews before confirming the final selections.

If you would like to be part of the interim board we’d love to hear from you!

You can read more information on the roles in the Terms of Reference.

You can ask further questions and apply by sending an expression of interest and CV to the following address:

*You can also apply by submitting a video to (For accessibility purposes)