Food Waste Recycling Caddy

Ok, ‘don’t waste food waste’ might sound a little odd at first, but it really does make sense when you think about it, particularly as we’re now into spring, with hopefully the promise of some better weather on the cards.

Lots of us now recycle our food waste, which is great. But, sadly we know that some of our residents still aren’t recycling food AT ALL and are disposing of leftovers in their general waste. If you’re one of these people, please consider breaking these habits – it’s much better for us, but it’s so much better for you as well.

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Warm weather = stinky bins

Yes, it just does. Bins will always smell to an extent, but those with bits of food left inside for two weeks during the warmer months will always smell MUCH worse. Remember, we collect your recycling every week, so if you recycle food waste it will only be sitting around in your caddy for one-week max…if you don’t recycle your leftovers, those extra seven days in your general waste make a very pongy difference.

With this is mind, ask yourself again, ‘why aren’t I recycling my leftovers?’ Do you have an answer? Is it one of these?

• To save time perhaps? Wrong. Emptying leftovers into a food caddy takes the same amount of time as scraping them anywhere else.

• Caddy liners cost money. Nope, we’ve been providing free caddy liners for an ongoing period now. Whenever there is capacity in the rounds, our crews will deliver food liners (on a continuous cycle). Some of you might have received a roll when you had a food waste and recycling only collection recently. Alternatively, anyone in need of a new roll can just tie an empty liner to their caddy handle on their next collection day and the recycling crew will leave you a new roll free of charge.

• My food caddy is broken. No problem, you can request a new one for free on our website.

See, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t recycle food waste.

What can I recycle?

Hopefully you are now on board with food recycling, in which case you’ll now want to know what can be recycled in your caddy. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As well as everything you will already know about, take a look at this list some of the foods you mightn’t necessarily think of, such as:

• Out of date foods
• Bones and carcasses
• Egg shells
• Banana peelings (and other peelings)
• Apple cores
• Coffee granules
• Raw foods
• Mouldy foods
• Plate scrapings
• Uneaten ready meals
• Fast food (e.g. chips and pizzas)
• Shellfish

Things that we don’t want you to try and recycle as food waste are liquids (such as oil or milk), packaging, plastic bags, nappies or garden waste.

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