For over 75 years Wrexham has been home to Welsh and Polish communities who share a love of football.

To celebrate the solidarity and friendship between these communities, on Saturday, September 24th from 12:00-2:00pm Wrexham Museum will be unveiling a display of Welsh & Polish football memorabilia, and serving Welsh & Polish food in the Museum Café.

The event will also include a FREE Arts & Crafts session, where children can enjoy creating images of Eagles & Dragons, the beloved symbols of the Welsh and Polish national football badges.

A selection of these images will be added to the football display at the end of the day, and shared on social media to celebrate the next generation of Welsh and Polish fans enjoying football together in friendship.

The timing couldn’t be better! On Sunday evening, Wales play Poland in their UEFA Nations League match in Cardiff.

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Celebrating a ‘historic friendship’

Cllr Paul Roberts, Lead Member for Partnerships and Community Safety said: “Football has an extraordinary power to unite and bring people together, so what better way to celebrate the historic friendship between Wrexham’s Polish and Welsh communities than to share our love of the sport and its history for our two nations.

“I hope plenty of families and fans of both nations will come and enjoy this event at Wrexham Museum. I would also highly recommend taking a look at the new ‘Shirt Stories’ football exhibition, recently opened at the Museum.”

Wrexham soon to be home of the Football Museum for Wales

There’s been so much happening in Wrexham recently that it’s easy to forget that plans are progressing to create the Football Museum for Wales alongside a new Wrexham Museum on Regent Street in Wrexham.

Wrexham is the spiritual home of Welsh football and our ambitious plans intend to make Wrexham a site of football fan pilgrimage!

The new football museum will celebrate Welsh football, past and present, in all its diversity, from grassroots clubs to the national teams, as well as highlighting Wrexham’s historic achievements in the sport and celebrating the rich heritage of the County Borough.

New galleries will be created to display the Wrexham Museum collections, which means an enhanced experience for visitors and a first-class, modern venue for discovering the fascinating and eventful story of our region of North East Wales.

Visit the Wrexham Museum website to find out more.

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