Executive Board

Our Executive Board meets tomorrow morning at 10am and there’s a busy agenda for them to get through.

Improving Children’s Services will be in the spotlight as members are asked to approve a Prevention and Early Help Framework and the creation of a Prevention and Early Help Partnership. Both are relevant and important in order to see continued improvement in this important service area.

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The Care Inspectorate Wales has also visited our Children’s Services as part of their monitoring of the service and are reporting in their follow up letter provides a positive reflection of the work of the Council at both officer and
member level to support continued improvement in children’s social services in Wrexham.

Another significant item they will be asked to approve is the support requested by the UK Government for accommodation and support as part of the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy.

The request reflects the political situation in Afghanistan becoming increasingly volatile in recent months which means those who helped UK forces and government in Afghanistan are at significant risk of harm unless they are relocated from the country.

It is recommended that Wrexham Council supports this scheme which will benefit from its experience under the successful Syrian Resettlement Scheme which ended last year.

Taking part in the scheme is on a completely voluntary basis with a Home Office funding package to cover the cost of providing accommodation subject to availability in the private sector and will include set up costs; financial support prior to mainstream benefits coming on stream and costs associated with the integration needs of the individuals and families concerned for a period of twelve months.

Executive Board will also be given an update on the Council Plan for 2020 to 2021 which indicates the significant faces pressures faced by all services during the pandemic and the Capital Programme for 2020/21 – 2024/25.

With recent announcements about competitions for the Platinum Jubilee and City of Culture 2025, which has an imminent closing date in July, our Executive Board will consider an additional report at its July meeting with recommendation to progress a stage 1 City of Culture application, and to explore a bid for City Status working with key stakeholders to identify the benefits.

You can take a look at the Agenda here and watch it live here the broadcast will begin at 10am.

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