High Street

Investment into vacant properties is a priority for the regeneration of the town centre.

Work in social care and be the lifeline your community needs.

A new and exciting project will allow us to link up empty property owners with new businesses and organisations looking for grow on space.

Leisure, destination and cultural spaces could be developed from previously small or large scale retail units that currently sit unoccupied on the high street.

Businesses looking at investing in Wrexham town centre can now apply for a grant for up to 90% of the cost of a building structural feasibility study- when looking at converting a vacant property.

Eligible items through the grant will include, but not limited to:

Staff Costs
Contractors and consultants
Surveys on a building
Feasibilities on a building
Market research on a building

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, we saw a positive decline in Wrexham town centre’s vacancy rate that was in part due to investment from property owners incentivised by grant contributions.

Economic benefits

Leader of Wrexham Council, Cllr Mark Pritchard said: “We’ve all worked tirelessly within the political arena and found a way forward to give free car parking after 11am to help support businesses in Wrexham.

“I would like to thank the coalition members who all supported this initiative-helping support the town centre.”

“We’re now looking further afield and working on attracting more investment into Wrexham and the town centre, meaning less empty building and more reasons to visit- including exciting City Status and City of Culture 2025 bids.

Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, said: “The aim of this project is to help bring current empty properties in the town centre back into use – the reduction of empty units will have knock on benefits such as bringing in increased investment to the town centre, increasing footfall and dwell time, job creation as well as improving the look and confidence in the town centre.”
If you’re looking for a new career and want to help people in your community, a job in social care could be the right move.

Expression of interest can be submitted via a 2 page document that provides details on your project in relation to the criteria of eligible works as listed above, and how your project will benefit the long term, sustainable, regeneration of the town centre through empty property investment, including some of the economic benefits that may be delivered as a result of your project.

For more information please contact: Leanne.Taylor@wrexham.gov.uk