Wrexham residents are getting loft insulation telephone calls

A number of concerned Wrexham residents have reported that they’ve received telephone calls from a business claiming to be from ‘Central Government’ or ‘the Council’ or another organisation.

The callers told the residents that the loft insulation at their property needs to be inspected to check if it complies and is non-irritant, and they offered to send a surveyor to check this using thermal imaging.

Wrexham Trading Standards believe this is just an attempt to gain access to the property to replace insulation that doesn’t need replacing.

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Our advice

It is poor business practice to cold call. Trading Standards would advise anyone receiving such calls to exercise caution, think and ‘take five’ before responding or agreeing anything.

We also advise you to not take cold calls on face value and never agree to a visit from anyone who cold calls you in this way. Don’t give out any personal details and if in doubt hang up and check the information that was being given.

If you believe you have an issue with your loft insulation, ask family and friends for trader recommendations. A legitimate trader will rarely cold call, and will never put pressure on you to have work done.

Remember, never disclose your personal details and never give bank or payment card details to anyone who cold calls you.

If you’d like advice about scams or if you need to report a scam, please contact the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133.

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